francophile friday: french style blogs

Today, I thought I would share a few style blogs from some French natives. Actually, the reason I started reading blogs was because I came across Garance Doré's street style blog a few years ago and it introduced me to the world of style blogs and just blogging in general.

Justine is a student in Paris and she just started a blog in November. I love that Justine is not afraid to be feminine and I can't wait to see how this blog evolves.

After discovering Garance, I came across this blog and it is one of the first I started to regularly follow. I share Betty's love of 80s inspired clothing (although she pulls it off much better than I do) and I always like seeing her unique combinations.

Emma is a 17 year old student from France. Her favorite character from Gossip Girl is Blair (who is also my favorite.) I share Emma's love of Ms. Waldorf's wardrobe and attitude.

Are there any French style blogs you read?


  1. thanks for some nice suggestions for further procrastination.... not that i need it.

    modernizing 80s can be tough; there are so many great design elements from the era, but also so many pairing of those elements that can lead to disaster, or just look campy when combined in the same way today (i am thinking bold shoulder pads combined with a suit in a fuchsia and teal geometric pattern and large heavy earrings). it is always inspiring to see someone pull off the look elegantly.


  2. o fun! i need to check these out :) thanks for sharing. happy friday!! xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  3. Awww that is so sweet thank you soo much ! :):)
    You have a really nice blog ! :)

  4. Just found your blog and love it - following now! These blogs all look great - off to check them out now :)

    Hugs xx,


  5. Love these pics! Love the blog. Thanks for the info


  6. I didn't know those blogs except Garance's and Betty's ones !
    One of my faorite is the Valentine's one : helloitsvalentine !!
    REally creative !!
    Thank you for your comment !!

  7. ahh yeah, le blog de betty is painfully addictive!


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