diy: bean bag tripod

I wanted a travel tripod for my DSLR but I wanted it to be small enough to fit in my camera bag, not too heavy, and cheap (considering I just bought a new lens, as well.) I couldn't really find any fitting all that criteria except for something called called The POD. It was essentially a glorified bean bag.

I figured I could make a bean bag and it would be the same idea. I just wouldn't have the little thing that screws into the bottom of the camera. I am only really going to be using this if I want to use a slow exposure or want to be in the picture myself. I don't need anything too fancy.

What You Need
fabric (I used a pair of old pants that the Hubs had ripped)
dry beans (I think the smaller you go the better here so I didn't use beans, I used split peas)
needle and thread (sewing machine optional)
1. First, measure the bottom of your camera, length and width. I put my medium length lens on for this.
2. Cut a piece of fabric the same width but double the length (since you are going to fold it over this way.) Make sure you give yourself an extra allowance for when you are sewing.
3. Fold over the fabric so you have your original length and width. Make sure the side of the fabric you are going to want on the inside is on the outside (so it looks inside-out.) Sew around the open edges either by hand or with a sewing machine, leaving at least an inch and a half opening.
4. Pull the fabric through the opening so it is night the correct side out. Use a funnel or something similar to put the beans inside. Since my beans were in a bag, I just cut a smaller hole in a corner and funneled it in that way. Sew the opening closed with needle and thread. I didn't really worry about my corner thread being exposed - I just need this to be functional, not pretty.

Now you have something to put your camera on. And you can manipulate where you want your camera to point by moving the beans around inside.

What do you guys bring with you when you travel? Any fancy equipment?


  1. wat a great idea!!!

    btw im having a giveaway on my blog

  2. That is such a cute idea!!! Well done! Btw I checked your balloon pics out! So cute! :D


  3. If you are looking for a cheap tripod that travels well, my sister bought me something similar to this for a Christmas or birthday a couple years ago, and I've taken it with me on many-a-travels... you just need to make sure you get the right model to support a DSLR. The one I have has worked well with mine and you can mold the legs so that it wraps as well as stands still. They aren't too expensive, but getting the correct weight is key or else it will be hard to position with a heavy camera.

    litterulaeabmundano: cherry blossoms!

  4. thanks lindsey! i was looking for something like this for a dslr. i am going to look into it.

  5. that's a great idea! i don't use anything..the ol find something to set it on and hope someone doesn't swipe my cam!

  6. Love! Also, super jealous - desperately want a DSLR. Sigh. Have a fantastic trip.

    Andrea x

  7. This is a really great idea, I might give this a go for myself. I always take my journal with me when I travel.

  8. ohhhh! love!!! it never occurred to me to make one. i must try one pronto.


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