trash the dress

Remember when I told you that I had won a "trash the dress" session with the photographer who did my engagement photos? Well, I finally have the photos to show you and I am so excited!

We took these the first Saturday morning in November. It was cold. Like 19-degrees-and-windy cold. (Kind of the opposite of my wedding...)

And since I had eaten my life away on my honeymoon, I was so afraid the dress wouldn't fit. The Hubs did have to work the zipper a bit. But it all worked out and they turned out pretty well, I think. Raye is such a talented photographer. I highly recommend her if you are having a wedding in the Maryland area.

I had a navy cardigan but Raye made me take it off. The photos with it on were not nearly as good. Instead of wearing my turquoise heels that I had worn for the wedding, I wore my riding boots that I have had for years. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to take some pictures in my wedding dress closer to home. Thanks Raye!

Would you do a trash the dress session? Or have you already done one?


  1. you look beautiful; this is a great idea, especially for you to have the opportunity to get some photographs near your home.


  2. ive seen these photo sessions before, i love it when the bride has a tropical destination wedding and goes swimming in the dress! v cool underwater photos! xoxo jcd:: enter to win my jewelry giveaway !!

  3. you look stunning! sounds like a great experience. love your dress btw!

  4. these are gorgeous, morgan.


  5. This are such pretty photos and your dressing was beautiful. I bet you were a knock-out bride.

  6. Wow..those photos are stunning and you look amazing, sweetie. I would totally do it! It looks like fun. Happy Tuesday

  7. You look gorgeous! Love the photos.

  8. Good for you! These pictures are great. Gorgeous.

  9. These are sooooo pretty! I wish I could have shot your wedding! :D


  10. these are great photos! so refreshing to see you in this beautiful dress with a huge tire than in front of the altar. :-)
    you look beautiful!


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