the oscars for a younger demographic

First off, let me start off by saying that I am a recovering Oscar nut. I have been watching the Oscars since elementary school and I used to have a box for every Oscar year with Oscar paraphernalia and newspaper clippings.

Now onto this year. Hmm. This year. I understand the Academy wanting to pull in a younger demographic but this was painful to watch. I felt so bad for Anne Hathaway. She was trying so hard but just never quite got the reactions former hosts have gotten. I really do love her so I wanted her to succeed but it just wasn't going to happen. I didn't feel that bad for James Franco, though. He seemed high the entire time - I think he really was having good time, either way.

Although, I didn't think find any dress on the red carpet that incredible (like remember for years to come incredible), there were a few I really liked.

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein: Work it girrrrl! She looked liked the hot twenty-something that she is. I think I would have done some bigger earrings or a statement necklace instead of the bracelet but this really is proof that simple can be stunning.
Natalie Portman in Rodarte: Finally! I thought most of her pregnant-red-carpet style has been frumpy and confused but this totally worked for me. She looked like the beautiful mom-to-be that she is. Let's give her another Oscar for costume!

Hailee Steinfeld in Marchesa: Gosh, she is just cute as a button. And even at her young age, she completely stole the red carpet (and it is not the first time, either).
Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture: I don't think this picture does her justice. There was one point when the camera zoomed in on her and I just couldn't believe how lovely she looked. I think this dress could have easily been over-styled because at first glance this dress looks pretty simple but she pulled it off perfectly.

Melissa Leo in Marc Bouwer: I am a girl that normally prefers texture over patterns and this dress just kills me. I know a lot of people disagree with me but I love this dress (and those heels)! And, although I wouldn't have thought to really put much jewelry (if any) with this dress, I think the jewelry is simple enough that it is very complementing.
Halle Berry in Marchesa: Marchesa you really are trying to kill me! I really don't think you can go wrong with Marchesa on the red carpet but Halle shows that you can go SO right! The ruffles are so fluid she seems like she is gliding.

Amy Adams in L'Wren Scott: I was really torn with this one. Because I LOVE this dress. And I LOVE it on her. But who the hell did the styling for this? What is up with that necklace? Really? But the reason it still went into my favorites is because, when she walked on stage to present an award, that dress just sparkled! (And so did she.) And I really can't resist some sparkle...
Russel Brand's Mama, Barbara: I really wouldn't have thought this year's lace trend would have worked like this but, oh, it did. Can I steal your mama, Russel? She is adorable.

Now for those, I really didn't care for...

Jennifer Hudson in Atelier Versace: I really wish Jennifer would show of her new rockin' bod. Oh wait! She is? Well, I guess I didn't notice since my eyes keep going back to her pancake boobs.
Marisa Tomei in vintage Charles James: Speaking of boobs - did Marisa's stylist want her boobs to look saggy? Because the sweatheart neckline looks a little high for her chest area. And her dress makes her have a belly (which I don't think she really has.) It's a shame too. I love a great navy gown. Marisa - fire your stylist and get yourself a good tailor!

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture: I know most people really loved this dress. And at first glance, so did I. And I wanted to keep loving it. But I really think those sleeves are awful. It kind of looks like she is going to war. If the sleeves had been better I probably could have overlooked the here-are-where-my-boobs-are circle on her chest.
Reese Witherspoon in Armani Privé: Reese, I know you are legally blond but leave Elle Woods home next time. Thanks!

Now, let's talk about Anne. She is normally slammin' on the red carpet but who dressed her this time? I really didn't love anything she wore - AND SHE WAS THE HOST! My favorite outfit was her tuxedo (which I thought she looked adorable in.) Again, I cannot resist a little sparkle - those shoes! But what was up with that last dress? I feel like James Franco could have done a better job as her stylist.
What were your thoughts, dears?

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  1. reese witherspoon's dress reminded me of something coco chanel herself would wear, i adored it.

    i also enjoyed the playfulness of marisa tomei's dress, though it was a bit aesthetically bombastic. go hard, or go home, sometimes can be too much.

    i still cannot believe how absolutely obsessed i am with the calvin klein; does not hurt that the blonde is stunning. i want that dress.


  2. i'm standing true - Cate in Givenchy HANDS DOWN FAVE! - beyond stunning! - SWOON!

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  3. I agree with laura on reese. It had such an old school glamour feel. I think the high ponytail was where she went wrong, and where you're gettting the elle woods vibes. A sleek low ponytail or simple updo would have made the look more continuous.

    Also, I am still in solidarity with marisa's choice! it's vintage. high sweetheart necklines are totally in line with the style of that decade. I thought it was well tailored, and accentuated her hourglass figure AND hips, which is not a negative in my book. could have done with less tulle in the skirt, but it's the Oscars.

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  5. I loved a few gowns. My favourites are: Mila, Cate and I also adored Michelle's make-up and her adorable short hairdo. Have a lovely rest of the day, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting an EmersonMade GIVEAWAY today! Super cute shirt just in time for spring:)

  6. I LOVED Cate's dress - I think it was a huge step for the art world in which it was designed for. I also loved Mila's dress, it was so gorgeous on her. I agree with you about Amy - the necklace was pretty bad, like she was trying too hard. But as a fellow blogger said, the dress looked like the night sky!

  7. I loved Natalie Portman's gorgeous dress by Rodarte - to me, she just epitomized the glowing mother-to-be.

    Just discovered your blog through cornflake dreams - would love it if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  8. I was so looking forward to the Oscars this year because the promos were pretty good, but as much as I like Anne Hathaway, I think it was one of the worst I've seen. She really did try, but way too hard, it just wasn't natural. And James, well he looked bored out of his mind.

    The presenters saved the show: Russell Brand & Helen Mirren, Sandra Bullock, Robert Downey Jr, Kirk Douglas, Billy Crystal.

    Love that Natalie won and her dress was beautiful. Love Colin Firth too and am happy he won, but I Jesse Eisenberg was awesome in SN and wish he had won something.

  9. I did not necessarily heart this year's show. Like you, I've watched for years and am usually on pins and needles. This year was like...ehhh... :)

    I love Anne Hathaway and agree with you on all points of hosting. She tried her plucky best to make a pearl out of a grain of sand. Or a cannabis leaf, as it were.

    For fashion, I NEVER thought I would say this, but I think Mandy Moore (red carpet) was my top pick, followed closely by Cate Blanchett. I totally agree about Marisa Tomei. She usually looks terrible, which is unfortunate, because she's gorgeous. Reese Witherspoon wasn't the awful (except for that mop on top of her head), but she totally ripped off Julia Roberts from 2001 or so.


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