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When I first started this blog, there was nothing focused about it. I never wrote regularly and I wrote about whatever popped into my head.

But as I put more energy into it and more people started to read, it evolved and so did I. I tried to have a more focused approach to this blog so people knew what to expect when they visited. And this seemed to leave less time for personal posts.

But after redesigning my blog header, I have been thinking more about it lately. There is a third word in the subtitle, life. There have been things I have wanted to share: what is going on in my part of the world, what I have been feeling. There are times when I am so excited about something I could burst. Or some days I am feeling blue. Or sometimes I just need advice. But then I second guess myself. Is my excitement really something a reader wants to know about? Do I really want to burden my reader with my problems?

And then I thought about all the blogs I read. I love that people announce when they get engaged. Or that a baby is on the way. Or that they are graduating. It makes me so happy and makes my day a little brighter. I love the blogs that share their weekend activities in pictures (which is why I started doing that) or just share things about their day to day. It is interesting to see how other people live and the cool things they do. I even like when bloggers share their sad times - and I feel honored they felt safe enough to share them. I am reminded that we are not alone in our struggles. And it helps.

When I talk to friends and family who read my blog, they always go back to one of my first posts and tell me it is their favorite. Have you read the one about my first bikini wax? (Well, don't read it if you don't like cussing - or using God's name in vain.) It was the eighth post I had written and even now, friends of friends, who I meet for the first time, tell me "Oh my god! I love your blog! And that one about the bikini wax - so hilarious!" And that post was VERY personal.

I now realize, my blog does not have to be so structured because my blog is a reflection of me. And if you know me, personally, then you know I am all over the place. So maybe, I will make time for more personal posts because, well, I can. They won't be everyday, maybe only a few times a month. And they may be happy. Or sad. Or funny. Or totally random. But they will always be sincere.

Someone I approached to do a giveaway said to me that, although she normally doesn't do giveaways, she was going to make an exception. Why? Because my blog was honest. And I was flattered. When I started my blog, there was one thing it would always be: honest. And I love that about a lot of the blogs I read. Maybe it is because it feels safer...

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  1. i don't think i ever told you, but i love the bikini wax post a lot! this is a great outlook; life is tough and we are expected to follow a lot of rules, so use this as an outlet, if you want, when you need to.

    love you!


  2. I hear ya. I love blogs that are just a mish-mash of everything - life stories, pretty pics, favorites, aspirations, all that good stuff.

    I have never had a bikini wax by a professional - i am afraid your post is gonna stop me from ever trying it, hahahaha.

  3. I agree with the sharing personal stories. I know some bloggers who keep all of their personal stuff totally personal and others who put it all out there. I feel a more personal connection to those who share something of themselves. I started with a very personal blog about my kids out of a need to connect to other families since their condition is so rare. My other blog that I just started is more for me. I'm like you, I'm all over the place. One day I want to sew and the next, I'm cooking, then other days I just veg out and read a good book. I think most women are like that and I like your honesty.

    P.S. I'll have to go check out the bikini wax post!

  4. im really glad youre going to do a few more personal posts, i do feel like that is one thing that sets blogs apart from eachtoher. the person behind the post! cant wait to read more! xoxo jcd

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  6. Aww..how sweet of that person and Im totally looking forward to getting to know you more and reading your personal posts:) Have a fantastic day, darling
    Kisses and hugs


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