francophile friday: poilâne

I was watching an episode of Giada at Home and she creating a French meal for her and her husband inspired by a recent trip to Paris. On the menu was a steak and cheese croissant sandwich, mushroom and parsley salad, and, for dessert, raspberry rose pots de creme. However, what really peaked my interest was the fact that she ordered a fresh French loaf - from Paris!

Poilâne is famous for their sourdough miche. And they have an online shop so you can order worldwide. I immediately went online. I thought that the prices had to be astronomical which they were and they weren't. For a regular miche, it really isn't that much. But for a decorated miche, it is going to cost you. And, if you are ordering from the states like me, you are going to be charged more for shipping then you will for the actually amount of bread you buy.

However, I think if I was ever having a dinner party with people who would really, really appreciate a sourdough miche from Paris, I may break down and splurge. But I think I would probably be more likely to just go make friends with Giada...

Bon week-end!

{image from here}


  1. i hope to receive an invite to that dinner party......


  2. i'm going to paris in two weeks with my mom and we have to go there! i have a feeling you would know several amazing places to go actually...ooh i'm getting an idea, you could do a post about all your favorite parisian food spots! ooh la la!!

  3. marissa unfortunately for you, i lived in bordeaux, not paris so I am not an expert on the area. however i do have a few friends that may be able to help on a post like that. let me see what i can do...


  4. ok, you made my mouth water with the first bit but I love that you can order from this from Paris.

  5. Their apple pie are sooooooooooo goood ! J'adore Poilane !

  6. Interesting! I wonder how long it takes to ship, though, and how fresh the bread tastes by the time it gets to you?


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