for japan, with love

I just wanted to let you know, there will not be a francophile friday post tomorrow. I will be participating in the Bloggers Day of Silence for those who have been affected by the disaster in Japan.

After seeing the footage of cars on top of buildings and homes being swept away by fast waters, we all felt helpless. But we are not. Even if you are half a world away, you can help by donating to one of the many relief efforts available. I understand in these economic times a lot of us are struggling financially but even $1 can help. I donated to this effort which will provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to victims in Japan.

I only hope that if faced with great tragedy, I would handle myself with the same grace and civility that I has been demonstrated by the people of Japan. They will be in my thoughts...

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  1. very noble of you. i will participate as well. :)


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