diy "vintage" french tablecloth

I started to search for a tablecloth for our dining room table. I soon found that I loved the vintage linen striped tablecloths but they were ridiculously expensive. I started to search for striped linen to make my own but that was a little out of my budget as well. So I looked for alternatives to linen and came across many projects using canvas drop cloths. Yes - drop cloths!

What a genius idea! They are super inexpensive and very durable. I immediately went to my local hardware store to pick one up. Unfortunately for me, they only came in packs of two but I decided I would make a tablecloth with one and a runner for our buffet.

What You Need
natural-colored canvas drop cloth
masking tape/grout tape/painting tape
soft fabric paint

1. Wash and tumble dry the drop cloth. This is to prevent it from being stiff.
2. Iron the tablecloth so you have a flat service to work with. Just don't use any starch so it prevents your paint from sticking.
3. Lay the cloth flat. (I had extra fabric underneath where I was going to paint since some went through.) Run the tape lengthwise or widthwise (whichever you prefer) along the middle of your fabric. Once you find the desired width of what will be your painted stripe, run another strip of tape down the middle of the fabric. For three stripes, you will have four strips of tape.
4. Squirt some fabric paint onto a paper plate and dip your brush into it. Dab off any extra paint - you don't want your brush sopping wet. Lightly brush in between the taped areas.
5. Remove the tape once the paint has completely dried.

1. The drop cloth was a little big for my table so I had to hem it. If my table wasn't oval, the larger one probably would have worked. I also didn't worry about sewing it in an oval. I kind of like the way my rectangular tablecloth drapes over my oval table.
2. My hardware store didn't have a great selection of tape so I used masking tape and I didn't have really clean edges for my lines. This doesn't bother me but if it will bother you, some other tapes might work better.

Peyton is very pleased with the new tablecloth.

What do you think? Would you do a DIY tablecloth?


  1. it turned out so well; reminds me of all the do it myself paintings i have hung in my apartment.


  2. I LOVE that. I bet it looks really good with the apothecary jars too. Miss you Peyton.

  3. this turned out AWESOME! great work! i'm totally copying this - thanks!
    p.s. LOVE your new layout!!

  4. Wow, this ROCKS! I love this!! I'm super impressed with your creativity - why can't I ever think like that?!

  5. I think it looks super cool :) And I like that the lines aren't perfect, it gives it more character.

  6. what a good idea! i love it! Im your newest follower.



  7. That is so pretty and looks so easy to make. It's hard to believe that you didn't pay top dollar at a store for it.

  8. It looks great!!! Well done girl! I need to get more crafty! :D


  9. love this! i would totally do a diy tablecloth :) love the tutorial. thank you!

  10. I haven't found a table cloth that fits my style in my local stores and I love working with drop cloth so this may be the perfect project. Just have to decide what colors to coordinate the stripes with. Thanks for the inspiration!


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