a bump in vegas

Today, my friend, Ashley, is 13 weeks into her pregnancy. I have been bursting to do baby posts for her but I had to wait until last week when she made it public. This weekend, she went in search of some cute maternity clothes and she expressed that it was nothing short of frustrating. She wasn't exactly ready for the amount of frumpiness a lot of the maternity stores possessed - I can only imagine! And it is even more frustrating because she isn't quite big enough for maternity pants yet but her current pants are uncomfortable.

A few weeks ago, she found out she was going to Vegas for her husband's business trip in April. Ashley's sister-in-law will be going with them so she will have lots of company while her husband is in meetings during the day. So I have been helping her find some non-frumpy maternity clothes for her trip. Being as maternity clothes are new to me, it was a bit of a challenge at first. But I soon found that a lot more stores have maternity items than I thought.

Jewel Tones {blouse, cardigan, capris, flats, bracelet}
Sailing Away {necklace, dress, cardigan, flats}

For the plane ride, I was thinking all about comfort and layers. I always travel in layers because it can get so cold on planes. It also helps if you are going from a chilly climate to a warmer one. I also focused on bright colors since that is more Ashley's style. You will notice I pulled a maternity cardigan for the first outfit but for the second outfit I found a boyfriend cardigan from her favorite store, Anthropologie. I figured she probably wouldn't button this anyway so it won't need to go over the belly and it can take her into the fall, post-pregnancy.

Pink & Pretty {tankini, sunglasses, dress, sandals}
A Little Prep {tankini, cover-up, sandals, sunscreen}

I couldn't resist these swimsuits in my two favorite patterns. So fun! It was a little difficult to find cute maternity cover-ups, but cotton spring dresses will do just fine.

Shopping Trip {tee, fedora, shorts, watch, sandals}
Lunch Date {
dress, headband, sandals}

For a few hours spent shopping, comfort is definitely the key. However, adding a few statement pieces to an otherwise basic tee and jean shorts combo can give a more put-together look. A lunch time date gives way to a comfortable but cute patterned dress - Ashley loves patterns! I was sure to adds pops of color with yellow so it doesn't get boring.

A Little Sparkle {dress, earrings, cardigan, pumps}
Wild And Feminine {blouse, pants, pumps}

For a potential work cocktail hour, I went with a basic black dress but added a little Vegas sparkle with a gold cardigan, sparkly pumps, and some rhinestone earrings. For a night going to see a show, I added a flowy feminine top but gave it a wild side with a snake skin pump.

{For more ideas, here are some shops that carry maternity lines: Topshop, Gap, Old Navy, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, Asos, Ann Taylor Loft, Zappos, Nordstrom, Shabby Apple}

How did I do? I have never been to Vegas so I had a little bit of a handicap on what is appropriate. Any pregnancy clothing suggestions for Ashley?


  1. i, too, know little to nothing about maternity clothes, but, ashley is very lucky: us ladies are much better off, in terms of fashionable choices, than our mothers were. many of my colleagues have recently been pregnant. purely from observation with them and their body types, i find dresses can be more flattering, and maybe more comfortable, than jeans and a billowy top.

    this is so cute, good ideas morgan!


  2. Oh my best friend growing up is pregnant! I am going to send this post her way!

  3. blue roses - you are so right! i was looking at some pregnant pictures of my mom the other day and the clothes were completely horrid. she might has well had been wearing a hug pillow case with a doily collar.

    christine - thanks for passing my blog along!

  4. I'll take one of everything please!

  5. What cute finds!! Love the picks from pretty in pink.

  6. How sweet of you to do this for her...I know it took a long time.

    She's still probably really small, and like you said, can't really fill out the maternity pants yet. So I either wore a bella band around my pants to keep them up without buttoning them, or used a hair tie looped through the button hole and over the button.

    Francesca's Collection has a lot of cute belly-friendly dresses, even thought they aren't maternity--a plus I think, because you can wear them post-baby too.


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