the buffet: before & after

In our dining room, we have a beautiful vintage buffet. The Hubs says it is beat up and old. I think it has a lot of character. But the one thing we do agree on is the top needs to be covered because there are drink stains. We had a table runner on there for awhile but it really darkens the room. And the vase with the orchids just look out of place.
I made a new table runner with a single navy stripe down the middle. I thought it was neutral enough that it could work throughout the year. I also found some apothecary jars two months ago and decided to put in "winter white" items. I am going to change the items inside with the seasons. I guess I need to start working on finding spring items.
What do you guys think?


  1. Lovely setup...especially like the apothecary jars, they lend a gorgeous touch. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. love the new look!! the white runner is so refreshing!

  3. the white and navy runner looks great; it may be pricey, but for spring filling the jars with some dried flower petals, thinking pink roses, may be neat.

    it may be a bit kitschy, but vintage buttons or old costume beads could be cool too, though might not really work with the rest of the room (i see buckets of loose beads in bright colors very cheap at many stores, since most people don't have a use for them).

    this is a ways off, but for christmas, my mom decorates some glass and silver bowls with vintage glass christmas ornaments; in the 60s, pinks and silvers and electric blues were big, and it somehow manages to exude both some funk and some sophistication.


  4. Seeing this had the strangest, most unexpected affect on me. I cried. It is so beautiful. And I literally said, out loud, "It's beautiful. I want beautiful." And looked around my house which has been a hodgepodge of survival and basic necessity after the break up of my marriage two years ago. I'm in a place of starting over with every penny going strictly to survive and I just realized, when seeing your gorgeous photo, that putting beauty in my home isn't frivolous, it's healing for the soul. I see a new direction coming. Thank you!

  5. What about just refinishing the top of the buffet?

  6. oh angie! i am glad i shared it then. i will tell you - all my decorating is pretty much done on a budget!

    two of the apothecary jars were from ross, the other one from marshalls. i ordered the spheres from save-on-crafts.com and the flowered branches are from micheals (with a coupon.) and the table runner - well i have a budget diy coming up really soon!

  7. erin - since it is vintage i really have trouble touching it and refinishing it. i don't know why...

  8. It looks totally amazing and I love how the white details changed up the whole look:) Great job, sweetie
    Happy Monday

  9. Ouch!

    ...sorry. I just hurt myself because this post is so sharp. ;)

  10. Perfect! And I love the new blog design.

  11. Looks good...I'm sure it was all drink stains. No doubt the hubs made a mess of the dining room.



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