weekend: valentine's fun and baking

an early "valentine" for the Hubs . . . a post dinner trip to baskin robbins . . . and after dinner kiss and glass of wine . . . whole wheat french bread right out of the oven
a little inspiration for the coming week:

so obsessed with this house

travel lust: cave hotel

my favorite flower is white ranunculus (for those of you who would like to get me some for Valentine's day . . . or my birthday)

go enter this lovely giveaway

renovating grey gardens

i would love some of these from my valentine

$45 for a rose!

these videos make me want to live abroad again

amazing bag . . . oh how i love feathers
Loves, how was your weekend?


  1. aww how sweet! i love the card...and peanut butter pieces :) have a lovely sunday, xoxo jcd

  2. the picture of you and peyton is adorable! i got ian some poetry books (wallace stevens and galway kinnel) and tickets for us to go see of montreal in april. i just finished coloring the card for him, to surprise him with the concert.

    miss you dear! xoxo


  3. The cave hotel is a dream, that house is amazing and your Valentine's card is super cute. Lovely, lovely, lovely!


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