our honeymoon

Less than a week before we were supposed to leave for our wedding, the travel agent called. She said she had some good news and some bad news. The good news was that our wedding resort was fine. The hurricane that hit Negril didn't damage it so we wouldn't have to worry about finding room for 35 guests at another resort along with moving the wedding. Phew! The bad news was that our honeymoon resort (which was five minutes from the wedding resort) was closed due to extensive damage. Sandals was going to move us to Sandals Whitehouse (a nicer resort) and then give us a free week at any of their resorts to use within the next year.

"So, what your telling me is that we are getting a free trip out of this," I said.

"Yes, you just have to pay for airfare," she responded.

So, what's the bad news?

Whitehouse was absolutely beautiful! It was like its own city. The only downside to moving there was that is was an hour and a half from our wedding resort but it was actually nice to drive and see some of Jamaica.
After we were at the resort for only a day, a tropical storm came in and it rained the entire time. But we didn't care. It was just nice to just relax after the wedding and do NOTHING! (Before we had planned a destination wedding, I wanted to honeymoon some place where we could travel. The Hubs wanted a resort where we could relax. A resort was the obvious choice after we moved the wedding to Negril and I am so glad for this. After all that planning it was nice to be in such a relaxing atmosphere.)
We still did A LOT on our honeymoon, though. We didn't let the rain stop us. Here are a few things we really enjoyed:

1. Going to the pool and beaching when it was still sunny.

2. Using the jacuzzi that was outside our building. We thought of it as our own private one since it was rare that anyone else was ever there. We would go out there when it was raining since the water was warm and it was fun to jump into at night.

3. Going to some of the activities the resort offered for free: a cooking class, a wine pairing class, and snorkeling.

4. Learning how to smoke a cigar properly. I had tried once in college but the Hubs taught me how on our little porch we had while we watched the rain come down.

5. Drinking red stripe!

6. Going on our adventure tour that my office got us as a wedding present. We went on a safari and I touched an alligator! We saw YS Falls and got in the COLD water. And we went to Appleton Rum distillery where we had lunch and went through the factory.

7. Having a couples massage in the spa. The Hubs went and surprised me with this when they had canceled our tour the first time due to rain.

8. Walking around the resort, rain or shine. At least it was still warm when it was raining. And it hardly was ever pouring. And who cares about rain when you have a swimsuit and you are in Jamaica, mon?

9. Eating at the Café de Paris every night even after eating dessert at dinner. (Now that's why I gained five pounds on my honeymoon...)

10. Being able to spend time together without having to worry about laundry or cooking or wedding planning. That was definitely the best part.

We are going back to Jamaica in April with our friends Chrissy and Devin (and they will be celebrating their one year anniversary then.) Devin would have been the Hubs best man but he was in Afghanistan. Chrissy came to the wedding though and now we can all spend time in Jamaica. We are going to the resort we originally were going to go to for our honeymoon, Sandals Negril. I can't wait!


  1. nice! gotta love those red stripes! sounds like you had an amazing time!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    I wish I could also visit Jamaica! At least I have tried the Red Stripe, that should also counts :P

  3. this looks amazing. You guys look like you had a wonderful time.

  4. A near disaster turned into a fantastic time! THat's so awesome! I really want to go to Jamaica. Maybe we'll go for our one year anniversary in August - if not before!

  5. Negril is one of my favorite places in the world - I've been there a couple times and it gets better every time I visit!! I can't remember what it's called but my favorite restaurant in that Sandals is the one literally right on the beach... you're eating amazing food right next to the ocean.... without shoes on!

  6. SO amazing! It looks so beautiful, and lucky you on the free trip!! I've heard sooo many great things about visiting Jamaica (Negril particularly!) The pictures are so sweet and looks like you had fun!

  7. I love this kind of bad news ! It reminds me our habits during our honeymoon : a marguarita before diner near the swimming-pool, to live with the sun and not with a watch, to jump into the swimming-pool at night... Oh ! Thanks ! All I want now is to go on my honeymoon once again ! :-)

  8. "So, what's the bad news?" Hehe. Indeed.

    This looks like the most fun. That shot of the fountain could be a postcard, too. Way to go!


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