my birthday wish list

My birthday is a little over two weeks away but, since the Hubs got me the SLR for Christmas, he is not allowed to get me a birthday gift. I told him he could take me to dinner if he wanted but it really isn't necessary. So I guess making a birthday wish list is kind of silly but I enjoy making lists so I am going to do it anyway. I guess this is more of a this-is-what-I'm-liking-right-now kind of list.

I have been really liking the Nixon Kensington watches for awhile now. And what is nice is that they are inexpensive as far as watches go. I just can't decide if I like the regular Kensington or the Kensington leather. And I also can't decide whether I want silver or gold.
I want you, I want you, I want you. Actually, I think I may need you, Kelly Moore bag. I have resorted to getting out my big Longchamp bag to be able to carry around my dslr. And my ghetto fabulous way of protecting it while its in there - a shower cap and a bunch of scrap fabric. Yup, I think I may just need to buy you for myself.

I am getting myself a pair of Bensimons. It's happening. This part of my list is not hypothetical. Now I just have to make a final decision on the color.

I really want a disc cutter for making my jewelry because, let's face it, I can't even draw a circle perfectly let alone saw and file metal to form one.

I also really just want some time to relax. Hopefully by the time my birthday rolls around it will be a bit warmer. I would love to take the pup to the park with the Hubs and then come home and relax with a nice cup of tea...

What is on your wish list?


  1. im dying for a gold watch... i just cant find one i really like. hoooray for birthdays!!! xoxo jcd

  2. That bag is really beautiful and the watch is wow!! Hugs and kisses, darling

  3. Oh I love that watch and will have to check out the shoes!

  4. love the watch! happy almost birthday ;)


  5. I love the Bensimons -- too cute! Nice alternative to the commonly worn Toms. :)

  6. Morgan! I love your blog. I have eyed many of the treasures you have cataloged here! After reading I have many more things on my wishlist/projects to try! I highly recommend a gold watch...they seem to make statement, while being a bit more neutral.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend back in the county! Happy Birthday, again!


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