inspiration: a girly tea party

My friend, Julie, was the party planner for my bridal shower at work and she threw me a lovely tea party. I had always loved the idea of tea parties - my grandmother is British and I have been drinking tea since I was four. Julie did a fabulous job! All the ladies brought in fancy tea cups, tea sandwiches, and mini desserts. And Julie did a great job of decorating. I seriously had no idea she had been planning for months and she executed all of this right under my nose.

Lately, I have been wanting to host a tea party - very girly with lots of frills and pink. I would prefer an intimate gathering where everyone brings a food of their choosing. (That was one of the best parts of the work party - everyone was so creative!) I suppose I should wait until the spring so everyone can arrive in a pretty spring dress. And, of course, there would be tea!

Have you ever been to a tea party?


  1. beautiful choice of pics :))

  2. how cute! the last time i went to a tea party it was for my birthday and i brought my american doll samantha along (i think i was 8). i remember we had peiti-four cakes but i didnt like the tea. i think id have the same reaction to a tea party now. :) minus the doll. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. Ohhh now I want to host a tea party too!

  4. My maternal grandmother (my Nana) was British too. I'm a hopeless Anglophile.

    I've been to the UK the past 3 years to visit my family there, and picked up the British habit of drinking tea with milk. Now I can't imagine having it without.

  5. haha yea my grandmother taught me how to drink my tea with milk and sugar (and she would always put a little extra in mine.)

  6. You should create a book club that has tea parties. Then you could do it once a month!

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie

  7. Full disclosure: Not my idea. Someone here in Dallas does it. It involves an obligatory teapot, then lots of cookies and mimosas. ;-)

  8. Morgan- you would absolutely love the tea house in Baltimore that I went to last weekend-


    It is in a charming Victorian house and you would probably go bananas over the decor. It is lovely. Maybe someday we can get a group of girls together and go...


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