francophile friday: tolix chairs

I love that rustic meets industrial look and, lately, I have been swooning over Tolix chairs. I would love to match these up with a vintage farmhouse table to put in my home.

Tolix was originally created by Xavier Pauchard. In the late 20s, they became a style staple in outdoor cafés across France. Now, after a revival tributed to Chantal Andriot, the company exports a quarter of what they produce to the US.

Would you try these out in your home?

{image one, two, three}


  1. LOVE these! that second photo is gorgeous. have a lovely weekend, xoox jcd

  2. I would absolutely without a doubt try them!! So chic!

    p.s doing a giveaway until Sunday if you're interested!

    Rachel @ www.theinspiredhouse.org

  3. I most certainly would try these in my home! I think they'd go nicely with our kitchen table.

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I so would try them in my home:)Im totally in love with the first photo! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, sunshine


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