fancy franks and corn

When I stumbled upon this retro recipe on the Eatocracy blog, all I could think was "Really?! People used to eat this and feel fancy??" But then the more and more I looked at it, the more curious I became. My relationship with hot dogs has come a long way. I used to despise them as a child unless it was a corn dog. Oh how I loved corn dogs! (In college, they would sometimes have them in our great room and I would knock over anyone who got in my way. Hmm, so that is where that 20 pounds came from freshman year.)

But as I got older I learned to like them as long as they were surrounded by a bun and smothered in mustard and relish. And I even learned to like them cut up in mac n' cheese. (But, c'mon, anything tastes good with mac n' cheese.)

And then the blog pretty much challenged readers to make it with "Seriously, if you have blog and you make this at home, we will totally feature you." Move over sausage and orechiette, I am making the Frank and Corn Crown for our V-day dinner!
I really thought about trying to make this recipe more appetizing. Surely, if I added cheese it would be better. Anything tastes better with cheese! But then, with creamed corn, I thought maybe not. And I even thought about getting frozen corn since fresh corn is out of season and I cannot remember if I have ever bought vegetables in a can. But since I had never made Frank and Corn Crown before, I figured I shouldn't knock it until I try it in its purest form. (And we had plenty of leftovers from our Italian dinner out on Saturday, just in case.)

Then and Now:
1. I am sure when they say soft bread crumbs, they meant from some sort of Wonder Bread. All I had on hand was a whole wheat French bread I had baked the day before so that is what I used.
2. I didn't really noticed when I picked the cans up at the grocery store, but I grabbed ones with no salt added. Did they even have that option back then?
3. My eggs were cage free. Again, I doubt there was this option in grocery stores back then. Unless you got them from a local farmer, maybe?
4. I am sure they were thinking table salt when they ask you to add it in but I added kosher salt.
5. Geez, there is a lot of butter in this!!!
Was it edible? Yes. Was it good? Eh. As my husband said, "The hotdogs taste like hotdogs and the canned corn taste like canned corn." There really isn't much flavor or anything special about it.
And it certainly was not fancy! My grandmother's vintage apron and my stepmother's vintage costume pearls were the only thing classin' this dinner up.
My husband remedied his by putting cheese (yup, cheese really does fix everything), ketchup, and the hotdogs in a tortilla (since we didn't have buns.) He said, "I picked a really bad day to skip lunch." The hotdogs made a really gross suction sound everytime you slid one out.
Would you try making Frank and Corn Crown for dinner?


  1. Looks really interesting and I love trying fun recipes. Btw: I love your arpon! Its so adorable:) happy Tuesday, sweetie

  2. Hilarious that you tried this at home! And what a good sport your husband was!:)

  3. ok...I have to admit: I want this NOW. I love hot dogs...and corn, so this recipe has my name all over it. Yes, it's interesting looking...but I love the history behind it ;) kudos on the product! Hope you're having a great week! xoxo {av}

  4. This is hilarious. Your husband's comment was the best part.

  5. Yes, indeed, my mother (who couldn't cook to save herself) ventured into the culinary world to make this for our family back in the late 60's or early 70's. It was...ahem, frankly...inedible. We gave it to the dog who promptly buried it and the dish has lived on in our family lore like a crazy uncle. Thank you for this fun trip down memory lane!


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