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I am not big on red roses and the Hubs knows this. So if he comes home with red roses, I know he did it last minute. I am not really into boxes of chocolate either. I would much rather just have a plain old dark chocolate bar. So I guess this makes it pretty hard for the Hubs. But quite honestly, I am not one of those girls that really "celebrates" Valentine's Day. However, I did appreciate that the Hubs would make me cards the first couple years we started dating. He is not an artistic person at all so the fact that he put in effort into it was charming.

We haven't really made each other cards for the past few Valentine's Day's but we have bought each other cards. We definitely are the type of people that appreciate a silly card over a sappy card. (Maybe this is why I am not really into Valentine's Day.) I found some great cards on Etsy that our totally our style:
"You are my little cabbage" is an endearing phrase the French say. This card takes it literally with cabbages on the front.

I REALLY love cheese! The Hubs may be one of the few things I love more than cheese. This card really says it all.

I love Jerry McGuire. I also love donuts. I also love this card.

I really think the Hubs would find this hilarious. I keep laughing at seeing the word "penis" in pink.

This "I am so glad I found you . . . instead of Jesus" card just makes me laugh.

Are you a silly or sappy card person?


  1. I do not celebrate Valentines Day either! Of course its nice to get a card or a tiny present. I love the petit chou one!

  2. Hahaha those are so fun...I loving the donuts one a lot! Wish you a cozy day, darling

  3. lOVE the donut one. very cute! xoxo jcd

  4. So fun!
    The cheese one is the best - as I am a WI native. :-) A good friend (here in CO) asked me to do the week long, Oprah vegan challenge. NO WAY! I gotta have my cheese.

  5. how fun! these cards are WAY more original than roses and chocolates. and that penis one is hilarious.

  6. omg, these are hilarious!

    your honeymoon pics are adorable too :)


  7. I love cards for special occasion or any other day. I love 'Tu es mon chou' !!!

    I do not celebrate the Valentine's day but I would appreciate some Champagne !!! What ? Women are paradoxical ?? Nooo ! :-))

  8. Super cute cards! my hubby calls me cabbage, so I can't believe there's a card for it; love it muchly.

    First time over here on your blog!

  9. These are hilarious finds. Thanks for sharing, as always! I'm definitely more of a silly card person. I like to give a card that doesn't match the occasion whatsoever.

  10. Best. Cards. Ever. My husband and I always purchase funny (and sometimes inappropriate) cards. It's the only way to go!

    Have you ever checked out someecards.com? It's full of sarcastic goodness.


  11. Aw, I love them! Especially the "You are my little cabbage" card - so cute! :)

  12. I forgot to tell you! After reading your blog, I bought B's V-card from one of the etsy sellers you blogged about. The front said "Love isn't easy" and B started to get very emotional (even teary-eyed). I told him to stop, of course. Then he read the inside, which said "Fortunately, I am." We both started cracking up!

    Thanks for the suggestion! Ms. Chapstick Fanatique!


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