the wedding photos

I thought you might like to see some pictures we took on the beach and some that didn't make the cut in the other wedding posts. Are you sick of my wedding yet?


  1. So beautiful! Wish you a lot of happiness!

  2. gorgeous photos! you were such a pretty bride! xoxo jcd http://cornflakedreams.blogspot.com/

  3. I love your pictures!!! You looked beatiful :)

  4. Wow they are so beautiful:) I love your dress and the view is incredible:) Hugs and kisses, darling

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful Garnish party supplies GIVEAWAY today :) ...Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  5. Such great photos!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Hi I love your wedding review! Thanks! And you look gorgeous!

    I'm planning on having a wedding at Beaches Resort, Negril, Jamaica... and I heard that you can't bring your own photographer unless you pay for like 3 nights for the photographer or something. We can't afford to do that... so looks like we will end up using the photograph service from the resort. So... how are they? Were you happy with their services? I'm unable to find any samples or portfolio..

    1. Yes I we used the resort photographer. And yes, I was incredibly nervous about it as well (but we couldn't afford the three nights either.) But they did a great job. They do give you the pictures the day after so there isn't any time for editing but I just had my engagement photographer edit them for me when I got home (I got them all on a DVD.) She was actually really impressed that she didn't have to do much - just get rid of some sweat since we were all hot.

  7. such beautiful pictures!! you look gorgeous!!


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