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We are in the process of redoing our living room. Not that our living room was ever "done." We just have a hodge podge of hand me downs that just about everyone starts off with. I have been saying I have wanted a new couch for forever. (Ours is the Hubs grandmothers from the 60s and although I am sure it would work in some houses, it just really isn't my style.) So we are on the search for an affordable couch.

So really, I should be focused on that. You really shouldn't buy the small items until you see what your big items look like right? Well, I was browsing through the Pottery Barn catalogue the other day and, BOOM! This rug hit me like a ton of bricks:

I am very much a neutrals person. But I love how this rug added a little color without taking away from the rest of the room. And then something else hit me: THIS is how to pull the whole room together (after a few new furniture pieces, of course.) See, our townhouse it set up all on one floor. And basically when you walk in, you are in our living room and can see to the back of the house (kitchen, then dining room). Painting would be a pain because one of the walls runs the whole length of the house. I think an area rug would really make our living room feel more like a room. Since this rug is out of our price range, I went on search of more rugs on Overstock.

Alexa Abbey Collection Aspirations Modern Beige Rug

Cafe Beige/Sage Rug

Hand-woven Natural/Bleached Jute Rug

I feel like my rug styles are all over the place. I will just have to wait and see what kind of couch we get. What do you guys think? How to you feel about area rugs over carpet?

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  1. The Alexa Abbey one is my favorite! :)


  2. I like those rugs and I would probably wait till the couch to decide on the colour and pattern..The first one is my favourite
    Hugs and kisses, my dear

  3. i think rugs make a room very cozy. i like the second one. xoxo jcd

  4. I prefer the Alexa too. Speaking from very recent experience, I'd hang on until your main features are set. You'll want something that fits in between and nicely compliments these rather than being a stand-alone eye-catching item. Before we put our room together we were looking at some deliciously detailed rugs - works of art - but, due to financial constraints, we put the purchase off and then realised they would have stolen the show rather than pulled the room together.

  5. I would love to have a great rug like that but my cat feels the need to run to the only rug in the house to have his hairballs. Gee thanks, kitty!

  6. You found some really great options here. Have you checked West Elm lately?

  7. ooh good call tommy! i have to go look over there!

  8. Area rugs over carpet can work...Devin and I had one in our house last year (we had to cover some stains the dogs caused, of course). It worked because our area rug was the right size for the space needed and our base carpet was a neutral off-white. Post the combos you're thinking of and we'll comment!


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