the sofa is here!

Our new sofa and loveseat arrived yesterday. I am so excited. The sofa looks darker in the pictures above since I was relying on the light in the room but it is actually a creamy natural color. I am not going to show you any full pictures yet, though. You are going to have to wait until the entire room is finished.

For our family room, I want something comfy and cozy with vintage, rustic, and industrial elements. Something like the rooms below:
We don't have as much room as the rooms above and are on a tight budget but I think with a little creativity we can create something we both love.

Also, the Hubs brought home my horoscope yesterday. He thought it was really funny what it said:
I guess I better get moving - the week's already half over!

{photo credits: 1 - cococozy; 2 & 3 - le journal de la maison; 4 - erin martin design; 5 - le journal de la maison}


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  2. Wow, I love these inspiration photos! I can't wait to see the outcome, good luck!

  3. I love what the horoscope said!!! hahah
    Btw: your new sofa is beautiful:) I love the texture! Hugs and kisses, my dear

  4. fun! i was super excited when we got our new couch. it makes a huge difference in a room. xoxo jcd

  5. Hahaha how funny! Those inspiration images are perfect, all the open space is making me giddy, I guess city/apartment living is starting to get to me.

  6. Uncanny, huh? I'm digging this vibe, too. Good luck!


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