new year, new planner

Ever since I can remember, we were required to have an "agenda" in school. We actually had to buy a special planner through the school and we could get penalized for not doing so. So when I got to college, although I hardly wrote in the one in high school, I felt the need to buy planners.

For a few years, I was hooked on the Vera Bradley planners. But last year, knowing I didn't need to write as much in mine since I was out of college, I decided to switch to a Moleskine. It would fit more easily into my purse - those Veras are HUGE!

This past December, I went to Barnes and Noble to get another Moleskine for 2011. Boy, was I surpised by the difference in size.
For what I can remember being the same price, the new one is half the size! I almost didn't buy it. But it was so cute and tiny! And it would be nice to make my purse a little lighter.
In my old one, I would write "to do" lists on the other side. I don't have as much space for that now but I think I can make do.
My only real issue with the new one is how small of a space you have for the weekends which are the days I write the most in. I suppose I will just have to learn to write really small - and I have to get a very fine tip pen.

Did you get a new planner for the new year?

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  1. I can only do smaller with planners because of the size of purse I always carry around! I love the color of the one you picked out!!!


  2. I have always wanted a moleskin, I just bought the kate spade 2011 planner, but may invest in one of these as well!

    xo lynzy

  3. I got the same planner! My favourite feature is the ruler page. It's already starting to fill up with fun stuff. Hope yours is too :)


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