new year, new lips: nivea review and monday giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

In my very first blog post, I wrote about my obsession for lip balm. My obsession at the time was Nivea's Kiss of Moisture and that is still what I use (and I have turned the Hubs onto it as well.) During the summer, I use their kiss of protection with SPF 30.

Nivea has asked me (and the Hubs) to review three of their new lip balms. I was really excited to receive my package since I think the Nivea lip balm I already use is so fabulous.

NIVEA for MEN Replenishing
The Hub's lips tend to get very dry so I have been getting him the Kiss of Moisture for awhile which has worked wonders on his lips. Since the Hubs had a really bad cold this week, his lips were worse than normal. I gave this to him and told him to try it and tell me what he thought. He said this worked just as well as the Kiss of Moisture but it doesn't leave his lips looking shiny so he doesn't feel like he is so girly. (Also, I must say that this is a much better looking tube for him to be carrying around. It is a much more manly color.) I also tried it. When I want to do my red lips, I also want to put on lip balm before so my lips aren't dry. The only problem with that is sometimes it causes my lipstick to slide. I put this on right before I did my red lips on New Year's Eve, and I did not have the normal problems since it absorbs so quickly and doesn't leave shine. I guess we both will be using this.

A Kiss of Recovery
With the cold dry weather we have had here lately, my lips have been absolutely horrible. I was a little nervous about my red lips I planned to do for New Year's Eve (as per usual) so, that morning, I decided to use A Kiss of Recovery for the day. WOW! My lips were perfect for my red lipstick that night. I was so surprised that my lips were able to recover that quickly. My friend, Ashley, who was also here for New Year's Eve, kept complaining how her recent bug had left her lips dry and cracked. It was actually painful for her to smile. I gave her this to use and she said right after putting it on she felt immediate relief. And her lips were so much better by the time we went out that night (and she was able to SMILE in pictures!)

A Kiss of Milk & Honey
I really like how this lip balm smells. The smell is hard to describe. I suppose it smells like milk and honey? Haha. I am not sure if this is so different than the Kiss of Moisture (besides the smell) but I like it all the same. I think if I kept using if for a longer period of time, though, I would see a difference in my lips as it has protein and it is supposed to strengthen lips natural resistance. Also, right after I put this on, the Hubs can over to give me a kiss. I told him to stop kissing me as he might kiss it all off and I was "pondering how I feel about the lip balm so I can write the review." He said, "Describe it as pleasantly kissable." Well there you go!

And guess what? Nivea is giving away one of each lip balm to three different readers! So you have a chance to try the new lip balms out too! Here is how to enter:

1. To be eligible, you must be a follower of my blog so, if you aren't yet, make sure to sign up! (And if your "follower" name is different than your "comment" name, please be sure to let me know.)

2. To enter, please leave a comment below telling me what your first and second choice of the three lip balms above would be if you won. This means the person picked first would get their first choice. The person who gets picked second would get their second choice. And the third person picked would get the last lip balm left.

3. For a second chance to win, write about this giveaway on your blog and leave a second comment below with a link to your blog post.

The three winners will be chosen at random. This giveaway ends Thursday, January 6th at 11:59 pm.

Good luck!


  1. I obviously want that Recovery Balm!! My lips were such a mess when I got to your house, and obviously I was cheesin' in pictures all night!

  2. What a great giveaway for this time of year! The Milk & Honey sounds great as a 1st choice. If not, I would love to try the Recovery Balm. Have a great week! xo, Claudia

  3. What a fantastic giveaway..I really like Nivea products:) Count me in, please
    Hugs and kisses

  4. Nivea has the best lip balm AND the best body lotions. I've been using them for years. I would love the Recovery Balm and my second choice is the Milk & Honey.

    Lisa (http://dreamingofpalmtrees.blogspot.com/)

  5. Milk and Honey would be my first choice because I have the Recovery right now in my purse, but Recovery would be my second!

  6. What a great idea! I have never tried Nivea, despite our shared addiction. I know what the Hubs means about the shine factor. Matte ones can be hard to come by, so I'd probably picks the men's and the recovery one. I'm sure they're all great, and when I'm ready to try something new, I may just have to check these out.

  7. i would love either! i also am a chapstick fanatic and have about 3 in every purse! haha. i'm a blistex lover but maybe if i win i'll change to nivea! :) yay!

  8. Great giveaway!

    My first choice would be the Milk and Honey then followed by the Kiss of Recovery! :)


  9. What a perfect giveaway for the cold winter :) Now a new follower!

    xo lynzy

  10. milk and honey and then recovery x

  11. Great idea mo!

    Recovery for sure, since now that I don't bite my nails... sometimes i make a mess of my lips. Then milk & honey as a second.

  12. I love giveaways! My two favorites are the Milk & Honey and A Kiss of Recovery. My lips tend to get so dry in the winter months and these lip balms would be most welcome, cute idea! Thanks for posting this! oh, and your wedding photos are gorgeous! I love your dress. It is class and timeless.


    Molly Jane

    PS. Stop by again soon sweetie!


  13. Oh and your blog is now featured on my site! Come check it out!:)


    Molly Jane

  14. Honey is my first choice, then the regular Recovery! I can never have too many lip balms!!

  15. A Kiss of Milk and Honey would be my 1st choice!! Thank you fingers are crossed!

    Your wedding photos are fabulous beyond!

    Art by Karena

  16. The Milk & Honey would be my first choice and the Replenish would be great as a second choice. Thnx for this


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