lusting after elbow patches

I have been loving that elbow patch look for awhile now and have been meaning to sew some onto my old items. Since I got another grey blazer (I swear its so different . . . well maybe not that different . . . ok only the lapels are different) I thought I would sew some onto my thrifted one. I still plan to do that when I get a chance...

This past weekend, I was in Baltimore and got a chance to go to H&M. They had the most adorable sweater - it had stripes AND elbow patches. I instantly fell in love. I tried it on and it has that 90s belly shirt look but my friend, Tanya, reminded me with a long tank it would look really cute.

I kind of wish I had a cream colored shirt to go underneath. But until then, the olive green seems to work.

Do you like this trend?

{first photo via here, second photo via here, third photo from here}


  1. I love them too. Zara had a lot of elbow patches recently.

  2. I KNEW you were going to blog about this soon!!! hahah You don't have to wear cream, I like the green a lot!!!!

  3. personally, i agree, the contrast with the olive works well, it serves as a complementary color and a sort of neutral. if you want something a little more bold one day, a cherry red tank would also work well.

  4. You know that Im crazy about elbow patches and I love your top..Its looks adorable and I need to get a few new pieces myself :) You are so cute! Btw: thanks for the link-back

  5. I used to despise elbow patches when I was younger and now I love them. I especially love them on the grey blazer.

  6. yes I like this trend!
    and I LOVE your olive green shirt underneath. such good colours together!

  7. LOVE the striped sweater!! i want a cardigan with elbow patches. good stuff :) xoxo jcd

  8. I love elbow patches! makes a normal sweater much more sophisticated.

  9. Elbow patches are my favorite.


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