kelly moore bag

Ever since I got my first point and shoot digital camera, it has gone everywhere with me. I would say it is in my purse about 97 percent of the time. Since I have gotten my Canon DSLR a few weeks ago, I have wanted to take that everywhere with me. But the camera bag the Hubs got me is huge and bulky. And let's face it - I look INCREDIBLY dorky walking around with it. When I went to meet up with some friends in Easton a few weeks ago, I put my DSLR in my purse. It really made me nervous the whole time since my purse only has a snap - no zipper or flap. It also is just a normally Micheal Kors purse so it doesn't have any extra padding that a camera bag would have. And I am really rough on my purses.

Enter the Kelly Moore Bag! It's a camera bag that looks like a purse! They have a few different styles:
Kelly Moore Classic Bag, $199

B Hobo Bag, $169

Posey Bag, $159

Juju Bag, $249

And they even have a bag for the boys (which I really like myself, as well):
Kelly Moore Boy Bag, $199

Each bag comes in a variety of colors, as well. I think these bags are beautiful on their own but the fact that they also serve as a camera bag makes them incredibly awesome. Kelly Moore even has little videos on each bag on the website to sooth your fears about buying online. (If only all online shops had this!)

I don't think I would need anything bigger than the hobo or the posey bag, but I think I am more drawn to the hobo bag. I love how this bag comes with two straps - you can make it into a messenger bag! Not sure on the color yet. I am incredibly drawn to the mustard color but I already have a Marc Jacobs in mustard yellow that is now so dirty. I really like the walnut and really only own black purses so this would be a nice change.

What do you guys think? What is your favorite?


  1. i too have a canon dslr and the same issue whenever i go out! i have a big floppy purse and it fits well, but i would love that boy bag! going on my wishlist! :)

  2. The boy bag in mustard! It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for! I'm also hypnotised by Epiphanie Bags but they seem to be all sold out at the moment of the model I like...


  3. wow, doesnt look like a camera bag at all! thanks for sharing, i need it!!

  4. Those bags are really fantastic and my favourite is the Kelly Moore classic bag. They really dont look like camera bags:) happy Monday,sweetie

  5. didn't know you had a blog - LOVE IT!! kelly is actually a friend of mine and I have the classic in fuchia and the juju in teal. love her, love her bags and love your blog - I'll keep reading!!!


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