goody review and giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

A couple weeks ago, I was at the gym and there was a magazine on the treadmill I got on. I don't normally read while I walk but since it was there, I opened it up. The magazine had a page with all the big items for 2011. One of them was the Goody Spin Pin. I thought it was a cool item (especially to pull off a messy French chignon with all the French inspired stripes that are in the stores now) so I decided to contact Goody to see if they would like to give away the Spin Pin to you fine people.

They got back to me almost immediately and they had so much more to offer. This past weekend, I reviewed the Spin Pin from their Simple Styles line, the Double Tortoise Headband from their Statements line, and the Pressure-Free Headband from their Ouchless Flex line.

The Spin Pin
My hair tends to be curly in the front and straight in the back. And because it is thin, my curls are scraggly and frizzy by the end of the work day. A lot of times the Hubs and I go out to dinner on Friday nights and it is such a pain to have to jump in the shower and wet my hair so I normally just put it up. I have always wanted to be able to do a messy chignon, but it normally ends up with my bun coming all undone while I try to put the bobby pins in. I tried these this past Friday night. It is supposed to do the work of twenty bobby pins. In under a minute I had my hair up. It was awesome! I did have to use a bobby pin on each side of my head for the hair that didn't reach all the way back to the spin pin but that was it! I shook my head a bunch of times and and it never came undone. The only thing is since my hair is so thin and on the shorter side, my bun was small so the spin pin shows a bit. But I am sure in time I will be able to figure out how to remedy that. I did talk to my friend Jevi about these - they didn't work for her. I told her that since her hair is so thick, she may have to use two sets of them. I also found that when you form the bun, you shouldn't twist your hair that much. I definitely will be using these in the future!

The Double Tortoise Headband
I wore this Saturday and I really liked the look of the double bands. It goes with a lot because of the mixture of colors in the headband. I think it will also look nice when I wear it with my hair naturally curly. Also, this headband was SO comfortable which is really hard to find. I wore it from 8 am to 9 pm and it never bothered me which most headbands do after a little bit. I actually forgot I was wearing it. (If you win this part of the giveaway, you win a bunch of Statements pieces like the ones in the last picture.)

The Pressure-Free Headband
I will start out by saying, I really like the look of this headband. I like how ridiculously thick it is - I was feeling very Blair Waldorf while I was wearing it. The flexed ends are supposed to relief that pressure you sometimes feel right behind the ear from wearing a headband, which it did. The only problem is that I am prone to headaches and the end of the hard part of the headband hit me right where my headaches sometimes bother me. So after a little, I had to take it off. If this isn't a problem for you, then this will be a great headband since it won't hurt you behind the ear anymore. For me, I will probably still wear it every once in awhile but I hope Goody maybe considers staring the flexed part up a little higher.

Now onto the exciting part! Goody is giving away one of each of the above items to three different readers: one reader will win the Spin Pin, one reader will win the Statements medley, and one reader will win the Pressure-Free Headband!

1. To be eligible, you must be a follower of my blog so, if you aren't yet, make sure to sign up! (And if your "follower" name is different than your "comment" name, be sure to let me know.)

2. To enter please leave a comment below telling me what your first and second choice of the above items would be if you won. This means that the first person picked would get their first choice; the second person picked would get their second choice and so on...

3. For a second chance to win, write about this giveaway on your blog and leave a second comment below with a link to your blog post.

The three winners will be chosen at random. This giveaway ends Thursday, January 20th at 8:00 pm.

Goody luck!


  1. this is such a great giveaway! i have thick, curly hair so i am always willing to try new products that promise to keep everything in place! i love the spin pin and the pressure-free headband. thanks for this, & hope you had a great long weekend!

  2. The statements medley would be amazing, as would hte pressure-free headband. Glad the pics worked out :)

  3. Can you do a how-to of spin pins?? Buns fall out when I try to do them with straight bobby pins. I'm actually really pumped that these work!

  4. Michelle - all you do is form a bun with your hand like you normally would (without a hair tie). Then you spin one in from the top of your bun and one in from the bottom. That's it!

  5. #1
    Enter me please!
    Follower: Pérolas Pingas
    Email: perolasepingas@gmail.com
    My first choice is the spin pin, and the second is the tortoise headband;)

  6. #2

    I blogged here:

  7. I LOVE the double tortoise headband. I own it in every color they make. So, since I already own it, for the purposes of the giveaway, the pressure free is my #1 and the double tortoise will have to take the #2 position.

    I'm so sad that I have short hair right now and can't use the spin pins. I have heard great things from so many people!


  8. I LOVE THE SPIN PIN!! i only need to use one and my hair stays up all day, even while i'm waiting all those tables at work. its so neat looking and keeps my hair looking great for hours. love it!! goody really upped their game! i tell everyone about my spin pin. its my new party trick. ;)

  9. My first choice would definitely be the spin pin, and then the no pressure head band! I have been DYING to try these.

  10. Love the spin pin! would it work for me since my hair is so straight??

  11. awesome giveaway! I've been meaning to try the spin pin, i have thin curly hair and its hard for me to put it up in twists or buns.

    just strted following :)

  12. i love new trends in hair! the spin pin looks...scary...but i want to try it!!
    and i love the double headband!
    i didn't know you could just contact a company and ask them do a giveaway! awesome initiative dear!

  13. Wow I love those spin pins. They look totally amazing! Such a great giveaway,sweetie. Fingers crossed

    Ps: I am hosting a natural cosmetics GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  14. Awesome giveaway! My first choice would be the he Double Tortoise Headband and then the Spin Pins! :D


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