francophile friday: pink olive

I came across the shop, Pink Olive, a few weeks ago. Everything in it is absolutely delightful - great for gift buying. AAAND, they have a ton of frenchie stuff to feed your francophile addiction.

A set of four cheeseknives with French expressions, $42

France Amour Necklace, $32

French Café Plates with French expressions, $18 each

Monsieur Monkey Card, $5.25

Some French Guy String Doll, $12

Aren't these items just great? I think that string doll is so funny - and it is made with one continuous piece of string!


  1. LOVE the string dolls! a shop in chicago sells similar ones, but i havent seen these frenchie ones! also love the patterned bowls. xoxo jcd

  2. I am fairly certain that Peyton, Mattie, or Nikki would eat the string French guy. In fact, I'm certain of it.

  3. This speaks to my heart. But you know that right.

  4. I love the little french guy! I just stumbled upon your blog - it's wonderful. I'll be back often :)

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie


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