fog linen

I have been lusting after the brand, fog linen, for awhile now. I love how simple and clean their linens look, which would work with really any decor. I can see these in a sleek modern house as well as a rustic farmhouse. I am also swooning over the "napkin" and "tablecloth" stamp that wears off with time.
Napkin, $14 each, Design Within Reach
Dish Towel, $15 each, Brooke Farm Generalstore

Tablecloth, $70, Dundee Generalstore

Gosh, I want that tablecloth! Too bad it is out of my price range. Do you guys know where I could find a similar tablecloth that is a bit more budget friendly?

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{first image from here}


  1. I really adore simple things like that! Those napkins are calling my name:) Kisses,sweetie

  2. Wow, these linens are spectacular! I wish I could bring myself to use them, but I can't seem to convince myself that it is worth washing them every time they get dirty!

    Have a great day!


  3. Ohh.. I love all of these! Perfect.


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