the day of the wedding: the reception and after

{You can find part one of our wedding story here and part two here}

After taking a bunch of pictures with family at the wedding gazebo and the wedding party on the beach, I put my flip flops on and we headed back to line up to be announced at the reception. "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White started to play. Our parents walked in first, then the wedding party, and then us!

We went straight into our first dance. We danced to the Live at Luther College version of "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews. The Hubs and I love when he says, "This is a sweet song, a sweet song. I hope!" at the beginning.
After that, my grandfather did a blessing for dinner. And then I danced with my dad. He picked out the song - "Beautiful in My Eyes" by Joshua Kadison. My dad really is just a big sap under that silly exterior.
And after that Hubs and his mom danced to "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. Gosh, I love that song!
For dinner, instead of having music playing, my bridesmaid Tanya made a slideshow to play. It had pictures of the Hubs and I when we were little and then in high school and in college. And then there were a lot of pictures of us together. Since there were only about thirty-five wedding guests, we really tried to include everyone in at least one of the pictures. I think people really enjoyed this.

After the slideshow was finished, my dad gave his speech. The Hubs best man was not able to make it to the wedding since he was stationed in Afghanistan. His wife came, though, and brought a DVD of a speech he videotaped before he left. Then my maid-of-honor gave her speech. Then the dancing started. After we danced for a little bit, it was time to cut the cake.

Then we did the bouquet and garter toss. (But since my little brother caught the garter, we didn't have him put it on anyone.)

And after that we danced some more.

When the recption was over, the younger crowd came up to our suite to cool off and then we went to the disco for some more dancing (it was a nice ice box in there). I even wore my gown. Can you tell it was HOT that night? Of course, that was the hottest night while we were there. People can going back to the rooms to change clothes. I even felt a little nausous during the cake cutting even though I was drinking incredible amounts of water. I felt so bad when the Hubs had to go up my dress to get my garter. He said, "It felt like a jungle under there!" Yea, no kidding!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our wedding story. And if you are planning a destination wedding, feel free to contact me with any questions. I would love to help!

I will be sure to do a wedding pictures post!

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  1. These are beautiful photos!!! :) You looked FANTASTIC btw!


  2. I love your pictures, you look beautiful! Thank you for all of your help :)


  3. What beautiful backdrop for a wedding. That sunset was amazing!
    You look gorgeous!

  4. i love the photos!
    your wedding was definitely beautiful.

  5. Ah, so so lovely! Looks like you had a beautiful wedding!


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