silversmithing workshop

This past Saturday, I took a silversmithing workshop. As you know I have been beading but there was so much more that I wanted to do that beading couldn't give me. I made a few things and they turned out pretty well for using a torch for the first time.

We made these earrings to learn the cold forging technique. I think I am going to give these as a birthday present to someone who shall remain nameless in case she is reading this.

We made these earrings to learn texturing with a hammer, drilling (a lot harder than it looks), sawing, and shaping.

We made rings to learn how to solder, shape and forge a hot object.

I made these with extra silver I had. The instructor has to help me solder on the posts (this apparently was a lot more advanced that I though.) I left the pickling solution on instead of polishing it. I really like that white matte look.
We had time to make a bracelet as well. I pretty much used the same techniques as the ring except for soldering.
I am really glad I took this workshop. It was so much fun! It was six hours long but I was enjoying it so much I felt like I was only there for two hours. Once I get these techniques down, I definitely want to take a stone setting workshop.

(Does anyone have any tips for taking pictures of metal? If you notice, some of the jewelry looks like it has black on it - it is a reflection of my black camera.)

What do you guys think? Any tips for starting out in silversmithing?

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  1. I've always wanted to do silversmithing! I don't know how to help you get started...but I think you're heading in the right direction :) the pieces look beautiful! xo


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