loving all that glitter...

Ever since my rant a few months ago about the J Crew fall lookbook, I have felt kind of bad. It's like yelling at your best friend. I mean its rare that J Crew goes wrong and everyone is allowed to make a mistake every once in awhile.

But seriously, I am loving all the glittery items they have right now. I mean I should expect nothing less during the holiday season but I really, REALLY love it. (I suppose this is my apology for being so harsh, J Crack. Do you forgive me?)

My only issue with high sparkle pieces is that I feel like I can only wear them to a really fancy party. And I normally cannot justify the price tag for a one time thing. But I love how J Crew dresses down the pieces to make them seem a little more workable in real life. Although I think I would look very out of place doing my grocery shopping in any of these pieces (except for maybe the belt.)

Do you have this glitter problem?
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  1. I can not bring myself to buy any of the sparkly piece.. I guess I can attribute it to not feeling fashionable enough as yet. Like you said, it's just not grocery appropriate!


  2. The whole top outfit is amazing and totally great for any party. From little friends gathering to a lovely work celebration:)...I own a sparky skirt and I love wearing it:)
    hugs and kisses,sweetie


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