kitchen garden

One day I would like to have a house with enough space for my own kitchen garden. I probably don't need one as big as the one above but at least I would like one that wouldn't involve me buying fruits and veggies at the grocery store. Then I would only have to run to the store for meat.

And wouldn't it be fun to have stylish outdoor dinner parties? Maybe decorate with big rustic lanterns and burlap table runners. And on the menu there would be cornish hen and roasted vegetables straight from the backyard. (Maybe guests can even pick their own lettuce for their salad.)
I suppose I would have to have a professional help me with spacing and such. And teach what to plant at different times during the year. So far my gardening attempts have not been that successful...

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  1. Oh, this is a dream of mine as well only I would like my garden to be walled. The rustic outdoor dining just looks amazing. Summer seems really far away right now... :)


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