jewelry tools christmas list

Since taking that silversmithing class, I really want to outfit my craft room to be able to make silver jewelry. Beading helped me be creative but hammering the crap out of a piece of metal is just plain therapeutic.

Here are some tools I would need to start off (in no particular order):

A V-Slot Bench Pin and Clamp

An Adjustable Saw Frame and some blades to go with it

A Small Ball Plein Hammer

A file set

A decently-sized bench block

A Micro-Torch

A decently sized soldering pad

Copper tweezers for pickling

Pickling Compound


A cheap slow cooker for pickling

A rawhide mallet

A ring mandrel for shaping rings (I think I will hold off on a bracelet mandrel for now)

A flexshaft for drilling

A set of drill bits

Any other ideas?


  1. The torch!! Does Richard know about this? I hope you aren't planning to use that in the house.

  2. yup he does! i think i convinced him with the pieces i brought home from the workshop. this torch isn't that much worse than a creme brulee torch. (ooh a yummy alternative...)

  3. Good list, Now I know what it takes to make jewelry! :-)

    Thanks for entering in the exPress-o EL Vintage clutch giveaway.

    Good luck on winning...XX Emily from EL Vintage

  4. That is such a great list:) Kisses, darling
    Have a lovely afternoon


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