i want one

I want an SLR. Really bad. Actually, I have wanted one since my junior year of high school which was about a third of my life ago.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my point and shoot I got last year for Christmas. It's wonderful. It just can't do as much as an SLR can.

Too bad they are just too darn expensive for my budget. I mean I really could justify it. I took a couple thousand pictures just this year. It may be nice for two cameras to split the time so I don't kill the one I have. All I really want is a beginners one to take pictures of food and my jewelry (and other pretty things) while learning a little. Ugh. One day...

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{first two images from here and here; third image of my friend, Ashley, by me}


  1. You never know what Santa might bring... but in any event I am sure you will have the camera of your dreams before you know it!!


  2. SLR's are the best! It's a worthwhile investment. Do it :)

  3. You could start a slush fund for it! Like when you would normally get Starbucks, you could put that $3.50 into your fund. It all adds up eventually.
    Happy holidays!


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