help: red lip dilemna

I LOVE red lips. And lately, whenever I am adding a little color to mes lèvres, it really is always rouge. LBD and pearls - red lips. Jeans and riding boots - red lips. Sweatpants and a cozy sweater - red lips. (Ok, maybe the last one makes me a little crazy.)

A lot of times I put it on and then blot some of it off to get that matte, stained look. And quite honestly, this is perfect for when its a casual day. But what about those days when you want to keep it all on for the boom-she's-in-the-room factor?

Well, I am at a loss. Because I will leave the mirror feeling great. But then it starts to slip 'n slide. And it is NOT fun like that childhood summertime activity.

I guess the remedy for this would be lip liner. But lip liner is SO SCARY! I hate to have even that little bit of color difference. Its just not my thing. It looks painted on and not so je ne sais quoi.

So I was thinking, dear readers, that you could help me. I was thinking the other day, "Wonder if there is such thing as clear lip liner?" And, in fact, there is. I am just wondering if any of you have tried it before? Is there a brand in particular that is really fabulous?

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  2. Clear lip liner! What a concept!!!! I have not heard of it or tried it, but I am sure it must work. Good find!


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  3. Red lips = GORGEOUS!!!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

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  4. I cannot wear red lipstick, although I've always longed for the look. It is terrible on me. I agree lipliner is so Cruela de Ville, but, ironically I smear a little chapstick around my lips--as spackle, so to speak, and that stops the leaking.

  5. I have never heard of clear lip liner but try it. I'm just now brave enough to wear red lip stick. Try it I bet it it will look great :)

    Happy New Year!!!!


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