francophile friday: speak french, children

Ok, yes - I am going to be one of those crazy parents wanting my children to be trilingual by the time they are three. (Just joking . . . kind of.) But lets be real: At the age of five, I told my parents I wanted to learn French (when my uncle moved to Paris) and, in middle school, I told my parents I wanted to learn Mandarin (and I have no idea why.) I think I succeeded in French (although, the rate at which I am forgetting everything is depressing) and I took two years of Mandarin in college. In other words, a lot of kids find learning languages fun!

So if you are looking for some ways to help your child learn, why not try out some of these neat things:

French flash cards, $12

One of the Le Petit Nicholas books (we used these in French class), $13.57

A set of French Muzzy DVDs, $199

Do you want to teach your children another language?


  1. The flashcards are darling! Despite taking french lessons for about 10 years in school I still thought les chaussures were called les souliers up until a few years ago - grrr...This is what I get for not attending french immersion when I should have.

    My ideal tri-lingual child would speak English, French and German (no doubt with a bit of Irish thrown in as it's standard teaching on the curriculm here in Ireland though it's pretty much dead as a language).

    Bon week-end! :)

  2. What a great ideas...I have a friend who just moved to France and she wants to send her children to French school so they can learn an extra language...Kids are so great with that!
    Hugs and kisses


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