francophile friday: roasted chestnuts

One of the things I miss most about living in France is all of the marron (chestnut) vendors around the holidays. I actually saw a chestnut stand for the first time while I was in Barcelona and my friend had to explain to me what they were and how to eat them. Starting towards the end of November, they were all over the place in Bordeaux, especially around the Christmas markets. I was maybe thinking about trying to do it on the stove top at some point.
Maybe I should get a chestnut pan, Williams and Sonoma, $20

Or for now I can just get a chestnut scented candle, Etsy, $8

Do you have chestnut vendors where you live? Have you ever tried roasted chestnuts at home?

{Also, check out the winner of the Simply Swankee giveaway here.}

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