francophile friday: french christmas finds

Here some pretty french inspired Christmas decorations I have come across. If you are still at a lost at how to decorate your home, take a look.

A garland made from pages of a French novel, $20

A Joyeux noel pillow, $23

French gift tags, $3.50

French Christmas cards, $8.50

French ornaments for the tree, $15

Have you finished your holiday decorating?


  1. Joyeux Noel indeed! While I finished my Christmas cards I haven't managed to start decorating at all. The furthest I've got so far is to don a Santa pin for a couple of days...

    Hmm...maybe I should get on that...

  2. Wow, that garland is amazing! It's so impressive what everyone is making out of such things!

  3. Lovely selection! I especially love the French gift tags and the Joyeux pillow!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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