2010 holiday gift guide: the vintage chick

This gift guide is for that friend that should have been born in an earlier decade. She can throw a fabulous outfit together after a quick stop at the thrift shop and her house is decorated with an eclectic mix of retro and modern.

A set of vintage milk glass vases for her apartment, $22

A pretty print that celebrates her love of gin, $19

A flashy 80s pin to go with her crazy cool eyeshadow, $15

A purse that is as sparkling as her personality, $38

A cocktail book for when she is entertaining, $50

Are you the type that always finds great things at antique stores and thrift shops? I am so jealous of the people who can put together those great outfits.


  1. Those vintage vases? YES PLEASE!!

  2. oh my goodness, obsessed with all of these items! you nailed me down! sort of funny, i had this amazing milkglass candy dish that i loved, and my mom stole it from me. maybe it is time to re-steal it back... hehe.

    i miss you; we need to plan a weekend where i can come down to salisbury, post holidays. mix up a batch of martinis and let it rip....

  3. I love those vases and the print is adorable:) Kisses, sweetie...I would love to be able to find some great stuff at antique stores:) Maybe one day:)


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