slow your roll

Ok, I know I talk about eating a lot on here but I never really talk about dieting. Probably because, well, I don't diet. I like eating too much. I have only counted calories once in my life and it was this year for my wedding. I used a website and it was really helpful. I lost about eight to ten pounds total (but I can't really be too sure since our weight can fluctuate about five pounds in a day). But I HATED counting calories. And even in the last month before the wedding, I quit the website and lost more weight because I think I was eating things that were a bit more satisfying to me, just smaller portions. My problem has always been portions, not really eating unhealthily. If I really like something I will binge eat.

Over the course of our honeymoon, I gained 4 pounds. In one week. I blame this on eating 6 meals a day. And dessert at the Paris Cafe, after the dessert with dinner. You can literally see the weight gain in my pictures. (It's actually kind of funny.) But I promised myself I would be good when I got back.

And then last week, work functions made it appropriate for me to eat cake EVERY SINGLE DAY (sometimes twice a day.) And now, this week, I can't stop eating Halloween candy.

In other words: I NEED TO SLOW MY ROLL!!

Aesthetically speaking, I need to because I have my trash the dress session this weekend. But really, I want to get back to my wedding weight because I FELT great! I felt less tired and happier. So here is to getting back on track (and trying to stay on track through the holiday season.) But I am NOT counting calories. Booo to that. I just figured I should save the sweet treats for maybe once a week.

Any suggestions, recipes, or gripes welcome...


  1. Definitely portion control...but, oh my, it's so hard -

  2. That is a good plan..I usually try to eat sweets only over the weekend:) Kisses and have a great day

  3. Exercise (rather than dieting) makes me feel soo much better both mentally and physically. Having said that, I just ate a slice of chocolate cake so maybe don't listen to me ;)

    xx Cristina

  4. Girl me too, I have definitely gained some lb's since the wedding ( may)!


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