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I was over at Pink of Perfection the other day reading a post about taking care of yourself. Her mom had taught her to keep a list of "instant cheer-ups" for days when she is feeling blue. I had actually never heard of this before, but what a fabulous idea!

I think every once in awhile, we need to take time for ourselves - to rejuvenate, to reflect, to heal. And, although, I think our culture (in the US, especially) would say this is selfish, I think it is quite the opposite. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others to the best of your ability. (In the past year, I have also learned the power of saying no, but more on that later.)

So I thought it would be good to make a list of cheer-ups for myself and, if you don't mind, I would like to share them with you.

1. Snuggling with the Peyton pup . . . or the Hubs . . . or a bunch of my friends . . . or all of them together. I guess I really just love snuggling.
2. Eating some of my favorite comfort foods: macaroni and cheese, au gratin potatoes, grilled cheese - ok, you get the picture.

3. Taking a bubble bath and bringing my laptop into the bathroom to watch Gossip Girl.

4. Putting on sweats and lying on the couch with a cup of tea (in a BIG cup that you can barely wrap your hands around - there's something about holding that cup and breathing the warm steam in).

5. Calling one of my friends to vent or just to chat. Sadly, they all live so far away now. I wish they were closer so I could drive to their house for an "instant" cheer-up.

6. Listing the reasons I am lucky in my head.

7. Wine.
8. Getting a pedicure or facial (or giving myself one).

9. Taking a Pilates class.

10. Putting on loud music, closing the blinds, and dancing around the living room with the pup.

11. Going on an impromptu adventure with the Hubs or a friend.What would be on your list?


  1. Haha I am not surprised this is your post today ;o)

    Things that cheer me up (or in some cases distract me): planning parties, planning weekend get aways, COOKING!!, starbucks, fuzzy socks, canoodling with my pups, Finding Nemo, nachos, splitting a bottle of wine with the husband, bubbling baths, and apparently making a list like this, because it really DID put me in a good mood!

  2. I could use this list on a daily basis some weeks!! I think it's a great idea. Mine would definitely include Glee on Tuesdays!, cooking dinner with the bf, sleeping in on the weekends, drinks with friends, cuddling in bed, and walking by the hospital each night to remind myself what i am working so hard for!

  3. Getting into really comfortable pajamas as soon as I come home from work, ladies night every Thursday night where I meet up with my girlfriends for chats and giggles and going for a walk in the park to see the herd of deer.

  4. Love this post! Oprah recommends writing a "Gratitudel Journal" where you write down one at least one thing you are thankful for EVERYday...even on those crummy days when it seems impossible to do. My joys in life include the serenity of walking my dogs, cuddling with my husband in bed and on the couch, hanging out with my girlfriends, getting really involved in a great book, a run, cooking (most nights), eating at a restaurant, dancing, and morgan - you said it - wine.

    Great post, Morgan! I think it's important to be thankful for the little things in life :-)


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