happy thanksgiving

I hope you are stuffing yourself with all that is Thanksgiving!

Reasons why I am thankful:

1. I am healthy which gives me the ability to go the beach, travel, take a walk in the park, and frolic in the snow with Peyton (who I am also thankful for.)

2. I have a supportive and loving family and I know they will always have my back (even when I do something stupid - which is a lot).

3. I have the GREATEST friends. No really. The GREATEST! I think I have realized this more over the past year. My heart just swells typing this. (The only way they could be more like my family would be if I could adopt them all).

4. I have the best husband. He still stays so patient and sweet even with all of my shenanigans. As Kathy put it the other night over a few beers, "Who else would put up with you? Because, let's be honest, you are IMPOSSIBLE."

Why are you thankful?

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