francophile friday: manger et boire in bordeaux, france

Ok so this list may be more for me than for you. I had a couple of favorite places that I ate (and drank) at while in Bordeaux, France and I have been searching my brain to remember the names of some of the places. With the help of google, google maps (yes, I remember where they were just not their names), and my friend, Jenny, I have figured out what they are called. But I figured if anyone was headed to the city of Bordeaux, this may be helpful.

6 place de parlement
Sadly, I wasn't introduced to Karl until later during my semester in Bordeaux. I went there for breakfast a few times on weekends. It does get busy so get there before you are hungry. I used to get the Petit dejeuner du "Boulanger" which consisted of a drink and a basket of bread with butter, jam, honey, and Nutella. You can visit their website here. {For those that don't speak French: Click on the photos link to see their restaurant. It is so beautiful (kind of what my dream kitchen looks like). To view the menu, click on "La carte." If you scroll to the bottom they have the menu for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon. You will have to search the words in English. I suggest this website here.}

Gopala Krsna and Co
69 rue des Ayres
We went to this Indian tea salon a few times. I didn't always get tea, though. My favorite thing to get was rose lassi. That's right - rose! I still have yet to find a place in the US that sells rose lassi. I wasn't wild about the food, though. This would be a good place to stop and have an afternoon break from touring the city. That is pretty much what we did. You sit on the floor with pillows and beautiful fabrics curtains giving you privacy. You can find their website here.

Le Cafe Japonais
22 Rue Saint-Simeon
This was a great sushi place - you could tell the fish was very fresh. My friend, Jenny, and I used to go on many sushi dates. If it is nicer outside, they have tables outdoors so you can sit on the street. (I never got a chance to do that, though.) It is very close to the Grand Theatre - just start there and walk down Rue Sainte Catherine and, if I remember correctly, this street is right off there. You can find their website here.

The Houses of Parliament
11 Rue de Parliament Ste Catherine

Of course, I am living in France and I go to a British bar, right? Actually, my French friend, Jenny, studied in America the year before I was in France and really liked this bar. She laughed at me the first time we went there because I ordered in French and the bartender answered back in English, with a very attractive British accent. We used to go a lot on Thursday nights when it was ladies' night and they have discounted glasses of wine. It was also really fun when I first got to France in September and they had a bar outside on the street. The rugby world cup was going on in France and the bar was crazy (as was all the other bars and cafes in Bordeaux). During normal times they have multiple TVs with soccer on. (I found myself going for the really cute bartender.) You can find their website here. And while you are in Bordeaux, of course, try some of the french bars, as well. I would go to those on weekends (when I wasn't traveling).

Donuts Coffee
46 Rue Trois Consils (I think)

A friend and I discovered this while walking around on a cold dreary day in Bordeaux. We just had to go in - did you see the name of the place? It's not "Donuts and Coffee," just "Donuts Coffee." I like to say it really fast like I am in a rush. They have really great design-your-own sandwiches. You go up to the counter, get a little piece of paper, and check off what you want on your sandwich. The chevre was to die for. Of course, you need to be able to read a little bit of French to fill it out but the people there were so nice, I am sure they could help you out. They don't have formal sitting areas - just a bunch of comfy seats throughout the shop. I wish I had found this place a little earlier because it would have been a great place to stop in for lunch when I was out and about the city for the day.

Pain & Compagnie
64 Rue des Remparts
I am pretty sure this is the name of the place. But I had the best quiche I have ever had at this place. Enough said. You can find their website here.

And, of course, there are plenty of restos to grab un café. What are some of your favorite places to eat in your city?

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