editing frustration

I have been trying to edit our wedding photos that the resort photographer took with Photoshop 9. I have no prior experience with photoshop and, although I was getting the hang of it, I was still frustrated. I guess if I had more time to spread out editing, I wouldn't be bothered as much. But I wanted to finish all 200 images by mid-December to give as Christmas gifts to family. If you do the math, that is a lot of pictures a day. And I also have a job, and I start a pastry class today, and I would like to continue to go to the gym after work because of said class.

In other words, I started to have extreme disdain for my wedding photos.

So last night, after probably looking like I was going to cry, the Hubs suggested we at least ask Raye (who did our engagement photos here) how much she would charge to edit them. Her price wasn't bad so I am mailing her the CDs today.

Luckily, the raw images themselves are pretty good. But it was hot and we were sweaty! I was "glistening" even in my getting ready pictures in the room. And our sunset pictures are pretty but they are dark - nothing like the sunset really was. For instance, this picture is a raw image from the resort photographer:

It is dark and we both are very sweaty at this point. And the sky looks nothing like what it did that evening. Here is a picture a friend took of the sky:

See how pretty the sky was? There are just a few little things like that. A-Z, the photographer, said he wished the resort let him photoshop. I think the resort should really consider this. A little editing can make a picture go a lot further.

Now I am excited to see what Raye comes up with!


  1. Glad that she can help you out. When it comes to stuff like that...I am also totally hopeless..hahaha
    I really adore those photos...The sky looks amazing and you both look beautiful
    Kisses, my dear

  2. Aww, so sorry you are not happy with your wedding photos, they should be something to cherish and that make you look back on that big day with a smile!
    Hope Raye can help you out :)

  3. I mean the pictures aren't terrible - I am not unhappy. They just need a little editing (which normally wedding photographers automatically do).

  4. I can imagine how overwhelming that would be, considering how many there are!
    You were a gorgeous bride

  5. Photoshop is really a giant and can be such a pain... I'm just learning to use it as well!!! I think it's much better to let someone else do the editing as you are too involved! :D
    Great raw image by the way! :D Happy for you!


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  7. Ohhh love your wedding dress! It's really beautiful! I'm sure your new pics will look fantastic, don't lose hope.


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