the day of the wedding: fun and getting ready

The night before the wedding, we had our rehearsal and welcome dinner. Some friends came up to the room for a little bit after that but then they all left with my FH to go to the disco - and to leave me for my beauty sleep. No puffiness for the wedding day! My maid of honor, Kathy, slept in the room with me that night. We spooned and fell asleep watching The Jersey Shore. (Side note: I have never watched more Jersey Shore in my life than I did in Jamaica.)


I woke up around 7 15 and tried to quietly tip-toe off to the bathroom so I wouldn't wake Kathy. I returned to find her wide awake. Apparently, she had been so excited, she woke up at 6 00 and couldn't fall back asleep. "I have been watching you sleep," she said. Did I mention that she is a huge creepster?

So, we got up, threw on our swimsuits and cover-ups, and headed off to breakfast. I can't tell you how relaxing it was not having to rush around in the morning. And quite honestly, I really hadn't processed yet that I was getting married. We sat and had a leisurely breakfast and drank a cup of tea. Then we returned to the room because my dress was getting delivered from being steamed at 9 am.

fluffing the petticoat

We took some time to fluff my petticoat. (That's what it is called right?) And organize the bridesmaid shoes and jewelry. And then the dress came.

the dress!

Then we decided to go find my younger cousins to go play in the pool. We walked through the outdoor restaurant, The Mill, and I ran into my dad. He stopped me, telling me that my FH was on the other side of the restaurant eating with his parents. Kathy went to tell him that the dress was in our room, exposed, and that he could no longer go in there.

A minute later she came back in a panic. "I missed him! His mom said he is going back to the room!" And then she ran away. (Apparently panic and Olympic style running was not necessary. He had stopped at the Concierge first to make sure the bridal party would have champagne in the room while we got ready.) Kathy was able to get to the room in time and hide the dress behind curtains.

We then went and found my cousins and played in the pool with the underwater camera. We also went on the water slides and floated in the lazy river. Who can say they did that on their wedding day? My aunt thanked us for watching them for an hour but I really should be the one thanking them. It took my mind off the wedding and was really relaxing. A word of advice: If you have some time the day of your wedding (because you don't want to make yourself more stressed), take some time to do something un-wedding related.

Haley, Kathy, and Alexis underwater

Kathy and I went back to the room to shower and then we walked over to the spa to get our hair and make-up done. It was really nice having everything in such close proximity. They did my hair and make-up just the way I wanted it. I really felt beautiful! But I still didn't realize I was getting married. Also, while we were in the spa, it started to POUR! But I wasn't worried. It was better that it was raining then, then for it to rain later during the ceremony. By the time we were finished, it was just dripping here and there.

in the spa

Simone called up to the room to tell us there would be a delay because of the rain but, if anything, I think we got a better time for sunset pictures because of this. It just gave us more time to hang out and drink champagne because, quite honestly, I still had processed that I was getting married.

The photographer came up and took some pictures of me getting into my wedding dress while Jersey Shore played in the background. Simone came up with our beautiful bouquets. They were so much more beautiful then I imagined! Then I took some pictures with the bridal party and my dad. I still didn't really feel like I was getting married.

Tanya and Kathy helping me with my dress

The nice part about having your wedding at a resort like this was that our ceremony was a ten second walk from the building we were in. (I actually watched a lot of weddings from our balcony over the days we were there). Finally, it was time to walk down the stairs and line up on the side of the building (opposite the side of the ceremony site). We all lined up. I realized I was about to get married. I started shaking...

More to come about the ceremony!


  1. Thanks for posting such detailed reviews! I'm getting married at Beaches Negril in March so I've loved reading your posts so far and can't wait for the next installment.


  2. Contemplating a wedding at Beaches Negril and OH SO ENJOYED your review.

    You have a very charming way about your writing -- I love how you struck out your comment on watching Jersey Shore the morning-of!

  3. Im getting hitched on 10-29-11 and have been stressing out over the weather! I thank you for your review, your wedding was very pretty! What was the weather like during your stay?

  4. During my stay at Beaches if it rained it would only be for an hour randomly. (It did that the day of the wedding as well.)

    During our honeymoon it rained almost the entire time because of tropical storm Richard. The resort we stayed at (Sandals Whitehouse) had some weddings and they worked around the rain.

    I really wouldn't worry about it though. You would have to worry about the same thing here.

  5. oh my goodness! i love reading your posts. even though i was there, the way you tell it is just adorable (and typical). it makes me feel like i'm there again! :)

  6. You guys look awesome!
    Did you use the Beaches Resort's photographer? How did you like it? I can't seem to find the portfolio or samples...and I heard that you can't bring your own photographer unless the photographer stays at the resort for a minimum of 3 nights.
    We are thinking about doing destination wedding and I'm planning things...



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