beaches negril review: wedding coordinator in florida

Our view from our balcony at Beaches Negril

You are assigned to a wedding coordinator here in the states and don't actually meet (or talk to) the on site coordinator until you arrive in Jamaica. I was assigned to Renée.

At first, I was a little nervous dealing with her. I read on the various forums that the wedding coordinators here were hard to get a hold of and, when you did, they were pushy trying to "sell" more than aid in your wedding experience.

I can tell you, this was not my experience at all. She almost always responded to an email within 24 hours with an answer and if she didn't have one she would at least email me to tell me she was working on it. I didn't have much trouble scheduling phone appointments with her, either. In the first month of planning, I would send her a few emails a day and she never got annoyed with me.

I will say this, though: I am sure all the WCs make some sort of commission on what they get you to buy. There were a few things that I just waited to discuss with the on site WC because I was sure they would not charge me to do it. For instance, I told Renée that I was thinking about doing place cards. I didn't actually need them to be set at each place; just set on a table in alphabetical order for people to pick up as they enter the reception. She said that there would be a set-up fee of $200. I told her that I wouldn't do it, then. When I got down and talked to the on site coordinator about what I needed, her response was "No problem, mon!" So my advice: just take what they say with a grain of salt.

I would highly recommend Renée. Try and request her if you can.

What was your experience with your wedding coordinator - here or for a destination wedding?

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