2010 holiday gift guide: the teacher

Or should I say teacherssss. I have a few friends who just started teaching this year and wouldn't it be great to get them things to help them in their first year?

A print with a cool classroom appropriate quote, $20

Some personalized pencils so students that borrow them don't walk away with them, $7

A plant to make their classroom a bit more cozy (just make sure it does well with artificial lighting like this fern), $31

A cute tote to carry all their graded papers to and from school, $20

Some cool tape to use for decorating their rooms or bulletin boards, $12

And if you are a parent trying to decide on a present for your child's teacher: hold off on the mugs however tempting it may be. My mom used to come home with a ridiculous amount of those during Christmas and the end of the school year. We didn't have room for all of them year after year. A heart felt note from the student is probably better. (Or a gift card to a teacher supply store, especially for new teachers. Teachers spend a lot of their own money on supplies for their classrooms on an already low salary.)

Any teachers out there with more ideas?


  1. I LOVE IT. Loooove it!!!! I'm sending this link to everyone I know. Miss you buddy!

  2. Great suggestions!! Thanks for including this, Morgan!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You people would love it, I obviously don't need to guess this one. I'm really digging this series of posts. I'm interested in seeing what you're going to suggest for "unemployed-life-is-a-disaster" friend.

  4. Aw thanks for thinking of us teachers! I really need to get a plant for my classroom! Thanks Morgan!


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