2010 holiday gift guide: the husband

This is for the husband who has been super patient with me over the past few weeks while I have been a little cranky. This is for the guy who has everything and never really needs anything. This is for the husband who doesn't really know how to pamper himself (unless you force it upon him). And these are a few stocking stuffers since we aren't exchanging gifts this year. (But remember what happened last year?)

A Satin Hands set (the best I have tried) to get rid of dry winter hands that have been bothering him, $34

Some beer glasses for his favorite beer, $15.50

A potty book since he is weirdly fascinated with bathrooms and what goes on in them, $10

A Lego truck since legos are fun and he likes trucks, $35

Anchorman pencils because he still quotes Ron Burgundy everyday, $6

I just realized a five year old would enjoy a lot of these gifts. Is your significant other young at heart?


  1. The Ron Burgundy pencils are deadly! My now-husband arrived for our first date sporting a homemade pavlova cake (I should have known then he was a keeper) and a copy of Anchorman. He still quotes it faithfully most weeks (I think he might think he IS Ron Burgundy from time to time...)

    We don't exchange presents but buy flights for a trip together at/just after Christmas every year. That might be one way to give something to each other while not having to find a tangible present for one another each Christmas?

  2. Those Etsy pencils are awesome!!


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