2010 holiday gift guide: the baker

This gift guide is dedicated to the co-worker who is always baking and bringing delicious treats into work. (I am kind of hoping I can share a blog with you soon.) She also loves eating and talking about food as much as I do. Thank god, they put our cubicles next to each other.

Polka Dot Baking Cups to dress up her cupcakes, $17

Burger Band-aids, because we work in a hospital and she loves food, $7

A pretty rolling pin for all of those apple pies she is going to make you the office, $18

A mini springform pan to make her yummy cheesecakes in a cuter size, $7.50

A donut book since she has been wanting to learn how to make them, $19

Ok, now I want some pie. Lucky for me, Thanksgiving is this week!


  1. Those Burger Band-aids are so funny and I love the baking cups:) Very sweet post:) Btw: I am so happy you liked the veggy soup recipe:) Hugs and kisses,sweetie
    Enjoy your day

  2. actually this is dedicated to julie! haha. i bet the cupcake liners threw you off.


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