2010 holiday gift guide: the best friend

These gifts are for that girl who has a very special place in my heart. She has had an insanely rough year and has given more of herself than I thought humanly possible. Her strength, patience, and sacrifice makes me honored to call myself her friend. You know who you are and I love you, more than you know. When everything slows down, please remember to take some time for yourself.

A book about hotdogs because she smiles every time she eats one and you really just want to see her smile, $11

A head massager to relieve tension and stress, $6

A Wooden Tea Chest because she loves tea dates and she really loves little wooden tea boxes too, $30

A spa pedicure friend date to relax and chat, $ depends on where you go

Chocolate Pretzel clusters (or some other yummy goodness), $4

What gift ideas do you have for your best friend?

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