a little bit of oxford

So I have been kind of obsessed since all the oxfords starting coming back. But I put the thought of owning a pair aside in my mind. "You CANNOT pull those shoes off! Who do you think you are, silly?"

But I just can't stop thinking about them. I literally have started having dreams about wearing them. And now I am thinking that I really don't care if I look ridiculous. Nothing amazing ever came from playing it safe, right?

J. Crew Camden leather brogues, $250

Anthropologie Gold-Flecked Oxfords, $318

Chealsea Crew Perforated Oxford (from Urban), $68

I am even really liking the heeled oxfords. That mix of masculine and feminine is so perfect.

Seychelles Heeled Oxford (from Urban), $128

I want to try and find a pair for under $50 so I think I am going to have to hunt at Marshalls or online. But if I can't find a pair, the pair from Urban is calling my name.

{images from here, here, and here}

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  1. I am in love with the first pair:) kisses my dear


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